Outdoor Survival Course


The Outdoor Survival program deals with how to turn the “unexpected” emergency event into one of planned response.  It prepares field operatives to cope and survive a night out should the helicopter fail to return or the quad break down!

As a company we recognize the talents of a few individuals who can, through many years of training, survive with a “box of matches and a bent pin.”  Our clients must recognize that the “average person” does not have the time or inclination to learn these skills to this extreme degree and must instead be prepared! As Franklin D. Roosevelt said… “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  There is a tremendous sense of apprehension about being stranded overnight and yet “fear” is simply false expectations that appear real.

The Outdoor Survival course takes fear out of the equation by replacing it with a comprehensive plan to ensure survival.  To fully integrate this course with the needs of our clients requires a review of the current Emergency Plan and the equipment that will accompany staff into the field.  The kit equipment will then be duplicated as closely as possible, so that staff members are exposed to the “actual” equipment that they will have at their disposal.  This familiarity helps to dispel some of the “fear” that occurs when the inevitable happens and the quad fails to start.

The course is ideally delivered in one class day and one field day with an “overnight” survival component.


  • Survival Psychology
  • Planning and Response
  • 10 essential elements for effective survival
  • First Aid Basics…
  • Review of concerns
  • Environmental Emergencies (Heat, Cold, Lightning, Drowning)
  • Outdoor First Aid Kits
  • Shelter and Clothing
  • Fire Building
  • Signalling
  • Hydration
  • Food

There are two options for this program to meet the needs of our diverse clients.

8 hour program – with no overnight component

26 hour program – 4 – 6 hour classroom session followed by an overnight survival experience.

Typical formats:
26 hours – 9am on Day 1 – 11am on Day 2
26 hours – Session 1 – 4 hours in class; Session 2 – 11am then overnight survival experience ending at 9am the following day.