COURSE FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES proud to announce that beginning in Fall 2019, that qualified individuals will be able to franchise some of our highly sought after programs.  The two programs that will be available for franchise are as follows:

  • Rope Rescue
  • Search & Rescue

In response to ongoing demand from valued clients who would like to be able to deliver our courses to their group, colleagues, organization or students,C.R.T. is now working on materials to make this a reality.

We are currently field testing our programs in and around the other area in order to ensure that the process and materials are laid out in a way to set instructors and their students up for success.  If you have already had experience with us, then you will know that our focus is on delivering quality programs that engage the learner and set individuals up to be able to perform first aid skills with competence and competence.  We are committed to ensuring that our franchised programs meet the high standards that our clients have come to expect from us in all our training programs.

Stay tuned for more information about this opportunity as we move forward.  As a provider of one or all of these programs, course materials will be made available to you along with teaching resources to enhance the learning opportunity. C.R.T. will provide you with a list of required supplies for the practical course components based on the size of the group.

One thing that is important to us as a company is that instructors “know their stuff”.  So please see below a list of requirements / important information for eligibility to be part of this program.


  • C.R.T. Standard teaching qualification.  If you do not have this, then we will help you attain this goal.
  • Other NFPA Standard teaching qualification  – this will allow you to fast track the training program.
  • No teaching qualification? Participate in the C.R.T. instructor training program.
  • All potential instructors will need to co-teach with an C.R.T. instructor as a final step in the process.
  • Instructors must provide the appropriate gear and supplies required for the program in an adequate quantity for the size of their group.
  • Instructors must be in compliance with all regulatory requirements from Health and Safety.
  • Franchisees will be asked to enter into a confidential agreement with C.R.T. and agree to adhere to the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Franchisees will require appropriate insurance coverage.