Emergency Preparedness & Response Planning (EPRP) can be a challenging task for individuals and organizations.  C.R.T. Inc. has the resources to accurately identify the potential hazards and risks inherent in your project or at a specific work site.

The resulting “INCIDENT” will then be assessed as an accident instead of a potentially predictable and preventable event. C.R.T. Inc. can help to identify hazards and build a comprehensive EPRP program that meets the needs of your organization.

Plan Development
Companies have their Emergency Preparedness Plans or indeed their Emergency Response Plans as part of their overall Emergency Procedure. We at C.R.T. can prove both indispensable and instrumental in helping you achieve workable Emergency Solutions for Remote Environments.

Existing ERP’s
The written plan is only as effective as it unfolds in practice! Will it achieve the stated goals and objectives? C.R.T. can challenge and test your Safety Management System and give valuable informative feedback to ignite change and improvement as to your companies preparedness.

Monitoring ERP’s
This is an effective working solution for small companies or even for departments within larger operations. The Remote aspect of a worksite brings challenges that can be unique.C.R.T. expertise and diversity can ensure that any Project Risk is minimized with Emergency Procedures engineered to fit with both the potential responders and environment.